Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A different way to work the last 30km of the Ironman bike

-Wake up at 5:30 and go for a swim. 
-Get out of the water at 7:05 TOPS, dry your body a get dressed to be inside the car at 7:15, thats enough to get to the work place meet at 7:30. 
-Drive 300km from lisbon to lagos for a meeting 
-Drive 120 km in algarve to check work fronts
-Have a Snack
-Drive 300km back to lisbon at 100km/h due to eavy rain
-Arrive home at 8PM and have dinner and at 8:20 go for a trainer workout (currently warming up)

I bet that the feeling of not wanting to pedal anymore is quite similar to the last 30 km of the ironman bike ;)

the good: 
-Had only 10 min of traffic time.
- I will have 10 min to shower before my regular bed time ;)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

60 min Run


Thats the long run at the moment, ive been very careful with this, im doing Phisioteray 4 times per week witch is helping getting rid of this stubborn injury. BUT although i have been running 30-60 min doent mean that im ok, its still there but getting slowly better. I have been using my weekends to log some decent kms on the bike as during the week i cant do more than 1:30 on the trainer and therapy steals a big chunk of avaliable time. To add to my lack of time ive been forcing a bit of Gym work (yuck).

Im back to wheel building, well ate least one, that took me like 2 weeks to build wasting like 10-15 per day to build a wheel that i already tested (liked it). I built it using the F3SCDS Technology witch increased the stiffness by around 89% (i tightened the spokes ;)).

All good and moving in the right direction.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

30min run

I was ordered to have a run today...

So i tested the status of my recovery. I must say i have mixed feelings, its still there but i think its quite better. Its been 6 weeks since the last time i ran so i cant complain about how dorky i was running.

Ide say i am moving in the right direction. Still not in a hurry, i established the end on octorber as a deadline to have this behind my back but since it took so long to start doing something palpable like exams and therapy i dont think i will reach that goal, no worries.

The MRI result showed essencially nothing, not even a small imflamation so im even more confused, i think i would be better if it had some sort of conclusion other than im not getting any younger ;)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"Back on track"

Seems like everything is coming together to solve my issues. I'm back to regular contact with water, far from an actual workout but doing some base technique, I'm hoping that I can work with a swim coach that got me swimming really well back in 2011 especially when a wetsuit isn't needed.
Yesterday I visited a chiropractor and squeezed a visit to the gym for some strength workout and today another therapy session at alphacycling, seeing some improvements.
As im still waiting for the MRI result I scheduled the first traditional phisioterapy for Thursday so so far I'm happy with the week :)

Sunday, October 15, 2017


What a great day for racing. Less wind makes everything hotter. Like the past years me and vanessa hosted a bunch of  friends and watched from start to finish.
It was a great night to gain weight ;)
As for the race itself probably one the most exciting races in the past years. What to say about sanders, just amazing how a guy that looks so inefficient do so well, what a beast!! The "good looking" Athlete was better though, Lange certainly made it look easy!

Friday, October 13, 2017

52 shades of Sergio

Im Back, well i never left... i Just stopped blogging.
2017 was a really bad year, mostly my fault as i was unable to treat a Injury Property always with the feeling that i was still 20 yo. After months of negation and no more no less than 2 ironman finishes dragging my left leg my mind came Back to its Place after dnf in challenge almere, i Just felt like that the season was lost and had to fix everything before setting a diferent goal. The Goal is Set, but im far from being recovered, in fact i didnt even started any treathment (props to a great medical service in Portugal) but i did one exam that at least pointed one way, still waiting for an mri and an actual authorization to Therapy. This is 5-6 weeks after my desire to get things straight again só nedless to say that im starting to be upset to say the least. The lack of Exercise is killing me but i feel confortable knowing that theres no other way at the moment.
Tomorrow is the day that marks t-52 so this is Just to get used to my own confessionary ;)

And honestely there are things that piss me of and i Will blog about them (im pretty sure nobody reads blogs these days anyway...

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday, November 16, 2014

2014...just numbers

2014 wasnt the dream year..

with a accident (hit by car) in the bike in early season and injury just before defending the title in Barcelona left about 2 months of real racing. i still managed to grab a 2nd place in Vitoria while i was still recovering from a fractured finger, 10th place in Zurich that was just to close to Vitoria and a 4th place at the european Long distance champs, held in ironman format. that was about it, my major race of course that was to be Barcelona was non existant as i got injured just 8 days before the race. i took a break and started 2015 early with the Portuguese LD champs that i won, that was a good startup of 2015

2015 will start in Israman, Israel, new location for me, and im looking forward to get there well :)

as for 2014 season numbers....

Swim262:15808,965.6 m
Run223:003,288.4 km
Bike480:3115,355.2 km
Other11:300 km
Total977:1619,452.6 km

Those actually look good for a full time worker ;)

i want to get back into blogging more, just need to build momentum

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Some explaining to do coming up

for now ill leave the January and february, two completelly diferent months

Swim28:0086,000 m
Run23:50396.6 km
Bike43:401,359 km
Other0:300 km
Total96:001,841.6 km

Swim25:2576,700.8 m
Run27:05363 km
Bike40:491,281 km
Other4:250 km
Total97:441,720.7 km

Sunday, January 12, 2014

recap and the winter bummer

Lets start with the season recap.

Triathlete Europe does sum it well in a few words what the season was like...

Since November 2012, after IM Hawaii, i embraced a totally new lifestyle, meaning i started working full time in the area i graduated with a somewhat fixed work times ( somewhat beacuse at some point its extended) Now i have been keeping myself busy since 2007 but with a very flexible hours wich was good for training. It was a brutal change but i was keen to keep doing my best in what i enjoy. I adpted well at first but then decided i had a oportunity of doing further education in a short period of time, at night (related to Work health and security), it was there that thing got really messy. Very few time to workout, i still remained squeezing all i could in the periods of pre work (early morning) and between work and school (somewhere between 6pm and 7pm). It wasnt the full day that worried me, it was the absolute lack of sleep i was having, it didnt took long to start feeling this astonishing rythm and honestely what kept me going was the temporary pain, forever glory concept. This (classes) lasted for 4 months in the winter/spring time. I choosed to do some half distance races to keep myself motivated wich worked really well but of course form wasnt the best.
First i went to Madeira to tackle an absolutely brutal course that i might say its one of the most insanelly hard courses in half ironman.

I dont even remember to total ascent of that race but it was big, got second to Vasco Pessoa, this was the first stage of the national Long distance champs.

Lisbon Half was next, it was quite a motivator that one, racing near home of course i had a very decent race solid swim, decent bike and an amazing run, where i almost caught Jose in 2nd place. it proved to me that i still have something to give even with low training volume, i was already gasping for air (the end of classes).

After this i went to bilbao for the first international race and was destroyed by the freezing temperatures but still finished the race.

It was time for Ironmans, first one was still under the dark times and with evaluations i had no chance to travel the day before Ironman Nice, and with a few sick time the week of the race i really didnt feel eve close to decent so decided to pull out in the run thinking about Roth.
It was a wise decision. With the end of classes and only a thesis to do that i could do managing my own time it was time to add .....sleep. it made all the diference. I had a very solid race i really felt the lack of kms on the bike but overall it was a great 7th place (8h:23m). Now it was time to have decent training again, at least for my new standarts (early morning, end of day workouts), I had focused in vichy the european championships and trained well for it, i was very fit actually but the story of that race was writen the night before the race where i spent the whole night vomiting what i had an didnt had in my insides, dont know what happened and dont care now, i started the race but soon enough i was out of fuel and vomiting breakfast. It was actually the first ironman i did without a single calorie, i helped Vanessa getting 5th and was happy to do so.
I had to post this photo because well i look like im preagnant ;)

There was only 2 races in my schedule but after Vichy i really felt like racing ASAP and Guadalajara was there for me, I lost a great deal of weight in this week but i raced and got 2nd for the 3rd straight time, it was a confidence booster for Barcelona

It was time for the 3rd big race of the season (Roth and Vichy where the first 2). it was a perfect day, everything just worked like a charm, really, it was quite a feeling to put my foot on the ground and feeling like i havent swam and biked before that, Running 2:38 isnt of course for all and i was astonished with my performance and the win. Not only because i won but because i could be Very competitive with a full time job, one of the best moments of my carreer.

One final race, the last stop of the national Long distance Champs held in acores and i had a very good chance to win it, something that wasnt a goal of the season but its always nice to get. i won the race and the champs so it was a perfect season ending

As for 2014, winter its not being kind for me,  right now im on my 2nd sick period in a short time, its also consequence of some bad habits i developed during the past year that i must really solve them so i can have a strong imune system again but im still going for Ironman Lanzarote, look forward to go back there.

Sorry about the poor writing but time is short